Why Attend Health meets Food?

What will I experience at Health meets Food 2020? 

Health meets Food 2020 will offer both a culinary and clinical information as well as programming of interest to the general public.

This year’s agenda features topics as diverse as culture change, obesity management, pediatric diet, and the health coaching.

  • Full-conference registration includes one hands-on cooking module and over 10 hours of lectures, hands-on skills-building sessions and seminars. For medical professionals that adds up to 23 hours of Continuing Medical Education credits.
  • Medical practitioners and culinarians will learn about expanded culinary medicine courseware designed to help them educate their patients and patrons about the relationship between healthy eating and good health.
  • Attendees can choose among a full range of lectures and roundtable discussions about the intersection of nutrition and well-being and other topical issues, such as the food-supply chain.
  • And, conference-goers will enjoy hands-on cooking classes and demonstrations that prove that great-tasting food can also be good for you!

What did previous attendees say about Health meets Food? 

“Myself and many that I talked to really enjoyed the lecture given by the Chef Cary who had worked in restaurants in which heavy amounts of butter and cream were being used to prepared the dishes. He was insightful enough to recognize the health issues that could be associated with this, and changed his practice to prepare healthier foods for his costumers. His ability to quickly discuss and this activity show the contrast of what he used to do that was unhealthy, and what he is doing now, was amazing and I think best demonstrated ways to implement these types of changes into our own lives, and the lives of our patient. The teaching modules were also well done, and I helped put the book work and studies into real life food! Great overall conference, and I look forward to coming back soon.”

“It was great. It reinforced my own practice as a Registered Licensed Dietitian, with strong Food Service Management background, including Director of Food Service of a major teaching hospital and Food Service Distribution.”

“This was an exceptional learning experience and great opportunity to network with others interested in promoting healthy eating as the foundation for better health.”