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Address: San Antonio, TX
Internal Medicine Specialist
Health by Design
Emily Monfiletto, RD, CCMS
Address: Westerville, OH
Registered Dietitian
Ohio Health

Certified on April 17, 2017

Emily is a Registered Dietitian and a graduate of both Davidson College, with a degree in Anthropology, and most recently The Ohio State University with a degree in Medical Dietetics. Emily has been employed as a Registered Dietitian for 5 years with Ohio Health McConnell Heart Health Center working as an outpatient dietitian. With experience working in long term care before coming to the McConnell Heart Health Center, Emily works within multiple disciplines throughout the facility including Diabetes Education, Weight Management, Corporate Wellness and Cardiac Rehab. With interest in more experiential nutrition education, Emily and fellow colleagues have created a “Healthy Bites” program promoting more hands on recipe tasting and cooking demos in the Cardiac Rehab setting, with goals to expose patients to new ingredients and to encourage making more meals at home. Emily, with a recent certification in Culinary Medicine hopes to combine her interests and expertise to better help the patient population that she is working with.

Interests: Nutrition, athletics, travel, and cooking

Felicia Yu, MD, CCMS
Assistant Clinical Professor of Health Sciences

Felicia Yu, M.D., is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor of Health Sciences at the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine. Originally from Birmingham, AL, she obtained her B.A. in Art History from Dartmouth College and M.D. from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She completed her internship and residency at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar, CA. In addition, she completed a two-year East-West Primary Care fellowship at the UCLA Center for East West Medicine.

Much like her appreciation for the marriage of apparent opposites: the arts and medicine, she was drawn to the integrative approach of the East-West philosophy of utilizing various treatment modalities with the goal of optimizing quality of life through balance. She is currently involved in helping to build a patient-centered medical home at the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine. Her professional interests include East-West nutrition and culinary medicine, preventive medicine, and educating patients on the different approaches to healing.

Frank Caligiuri, CCMS
Address: Des Moines, IA
Drake University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Certified on April 17, 2017.

Holly Hill, RDN, CD, CCMS
Address: Cedar Hills, UT
Holly Hill, RD, CCMS
Mountain Country Foods Employee Services

Holly Hill RDN, CD, CCMS is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist. She works in corporate wellness with an emphasis in nutrition education and counseling. Holly also provides recipe development, nutrition analysis, and food safety consultation services. She is training to be a specialist in non-IgE food sensitivity treatment and therapy and pursuing a certificate of training in culinary genomics.

Holly received her BS in dietetics and completed her Dietetic Internship through Brigham Young University in Utah.

Holly sits on the advisory board for the Culinary Medicine Specialist Certification through the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane University. She also serves on the Communications Committee of the Nutrition Education for the Public Dietetics Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

When not busy pursuing her work and interest in culinary nutrition education or raising her five children, Holly enjoys yoga, hiking, reading, and cooking. She shares culinary nutrition information and recipes on Instagram @hollyhilldietitian.


Agnesian HealthCare

Certified on July 31, 2018.

Jessica Szpak, PA, CCMS
Address: Oregon, WI

Certified on September 26, 2017.

Kimberly Dovin, MD, CCMS
Family Medicine Specialist
Mid Coast Medical Group
Konrad Nau, MD, CCMS
Address: Carbondale, CO
Glenwood Medical Associates

Certified on September 26, 2017.

Kristi Artz, MD, CCMS
Address: Grand Rapids, MI
Emergency Medicine Physician
Emergency Care Specialists
Business Website Address: Answer Health On Demand

Certified on April 17, 2017.

For over 10 years Dr. Kristi Artz has been a practicing emergency medicine physician in the northeast and midwest US as well as overseas in New Zealand. Her work in the emergency room has provided a bird’s-eye view of a society burdened by chronic illness as a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle factors. By practicing scientifically supported nutritional and lifestyle medicine, she hopes to be part of a paradigm shift whereby patients can regain control of their lives and achieve optimal health. Dr. Artz holds certificates in Plant Based Nutrition and Culinary Medicine from both Cornell and Tulane Universities. She has mentored with Dr. Joel Fuhrman who is a pioneer in the field of plant-based nutrition and has published both “Eat to Live” and “Super Immunity.” She received her BS in Biology from the University of Michigan, her MD from Wayne State School of Medicine and completed her residency training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania where she also served as Chief Resident. She is a professional member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and lead Culinary Medicine physician at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MI where she currently resides with her husband and three daughters. You can connect with her for lifestyle and nutritional evaluation via virtual visits at Answer Health On Demand (

Interests: Iyengar yoga, plant based cooking, farmer's markets, worldwide travel, digital health and telemedicine.